Sea Tern Drive Photo Archive (A Work in Progress)
Pictures submitted by Valerie Bozzone

These are pictures that Valerie Bozzone provided and go back as far as 1986.

Photo Gallery (click on the photo to see a larger size)
108 Sea Tern under construction in August 1986 Aerial view of Sea Tern Drive in 1986
Before there was a walkway to the beach in 1987 Connie Cogger and visitors enjoy the very wide beach in 1988
Connie Cogger standing on the new stairs to the beach in 1988 Current (2014) Sea Tern sign
Dave Andrews Memorial sign for Dave Andrews (below the current Sea Tern sign)
Original walkway to the sound in 1998 Sea Tern ocean front homes in 1999
Sea Tern sign circa 2000 Toasting the new Sea Tern stairway to the ocean in 1988
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